Beltrami County Residents:

As the race for a new Beltrami Count Sheriff begins, I want to take the opportunity to highlight the experience that I had in working with Chief Deputy Jarrett Walton. 

            Something that I learned early in my career as the Auditor-Treasurer and as the County Administrator is that the people of Beltrami County put strong value on good law enforcement, and strong value on conservative budget and fiscal management.  I can say with confidence that Jarrett Walton, if elected to the position of Sheriff, is extremely capable in delivering both strong law enforcement and solid budget management.   I want to focus on the financial issues, the area in which I worked most closely with Chief Deputy Walton.

            Jarrett Walton has the experience in budget development and management that makes him completely unique among the candidates.  He served on the County Budget Committee for three years as the Sheriff’s representative to the process.  Since the Sheriff’s budget was the largest of all county departments, it was critical that our committee have strong leadership from the many Sheriff’s departments.  I always found Chief Deputy Walton to be a strong advocate for the needs of Law Enforcement as well as a reasonable person in making the very difficult decisions that allowed for manageable levy increases.  Once budgets were passed, Jarrett’s leadership in the department assured that the Sheriff’s Office stayed within their budget allowance.  No other candidate can make this claim of having real experience in the budget and fiscal process.


            I wish all of our voters the very best as you deliberate the skills of the candidates for the office of County Sheriff.


Kay L. Mack

Retired County Administrator