I am seeking the Office of Beltrami County Sheriff.


I have been a member of the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office for 20 years and have served in a number of capacities with increasing responsibilities.  I was appointed Chief Deputy by Sheriff Ernie Beitel in 2019 and have been a vital member of the sheriff’s leadership team.  I bring a broad and unique variety of law enforcement and leadership experience to the office.


I have been fortunate to have been mentored by Sheriff Beitel and Sheriff Hodapp in the development of my leadership mindset, goals and skills. I am currently working collaboratively with Beltrami County Department Heads and leadership, Bemidji Police Department, Mental Health experts, and Beltrami County citizens serving on leadership groups or committees on the Jail project, Employee Retention and recruitment, utilizing technology, Officer Wellness, and addressing mental health response and services provided in the jail.


My wife, Amelia (Ami), and I have called this area our home for over 20 years.  We raised our children in this community, and now we are enjoying our grandchildren here.  When I think back to the start of my law enforcement career and through the accomplishments of the last 20 years, I am extremely proud to be a member of this office and of this community.  I have always actively worked to improve the efficiencies, response and services provided by the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office to Beltrami County citizens and visitors. I am eager to face the unique challenges we currently face and those in the future by serving as the next Beltrami County Sheriff.



  • Bachelor’s Degree of Science.  Criminal Justice.  Bemidji State University.  1997

  • Associates Degree in Applied Science.  Criminal Justice.  Northland College. 1995

  • Graduate of the BCA’s Police Management and Supervision Series.


Experience and Leadership:

  • Dodge City, KS Police Officer. 1997-2001

  • Beltrami County Deputy Sheriff. 2002-2011

  • Sheriff’s Office Field Training Officer. 2005-2011

  • Sheriff’s Office Patrol Sergeant.  November 2011- March 2013

  • Sheriff’s Office Investigative Sergeant.  March 2013 - January 2019

  • Sheriff’s Office Field Training Coordinator/Supervisor. March 2013 to Present

  • Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Affiliate Task Force.  June 2013-January 2019

  • Record Management/CAD/Mobile System Administrator. 2011 to Present

  • Sheriff’s Office K-9 Officer. 2007-2013

  • Chief Deputy Sheriff for Sheriff Beitel.  2019 to Present.

  • Northern Lights Task Force Chair of Communications/Technology Subcommittee. 2021

  • Member of the Beltrami County Budget Committee 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022



Areas of Expertise, Certification and Interest:


  • Instructor for Defensive Tactics and Appropriate Use of Force

  • Instructor Trainer for Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVOC)

  • Certified Forensic Computer and Cellular Device Analyst

  • Field Force Command

  • Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot- Developed drone program for the Sheriff’s Office

  • Grant writing projects include grant to obtain Squad laptops (2010), DWI Officer- pays for a fulltime employee to enforce DWI Laws (2020).  Securing funds to maintain and grow the Sheriff’s Office K9 Program.  DNR grant funding for the Recreation Enforcement Program. Collaborated with Domestic Violence Court to obtain grant funding to pay for 5 hours a week for crime analyst to monitor individuals violating active Orders for Protection and Domestic Violence No Contact orders (DANCO).

  • Leading the initiative to work with the Northwest Minnesota Emergency Communications Board to bring the Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response (ARMER) to enhance radio communications in Beltrami County and with our first responder partners.

  • Continuing to implement areas of efficiency in the sheriff’s office by reviewing barriers to work production and seeking creative solutions while balancing the value of tax payer’s dollars. 


Recent Awards:

  • April 2019 –US Attorney Award for Excellence in the Pursuit of Justice.

       Lead Investigator in the arrest and successful Federal prosecution of a Child            predator that resulted in a 25 year federal sentence.

  • January 2021- Minnesota Department of Public Safety ECN-

Northern Lights Task Force- Chair of Communications/Technology Subcommittee. A multi-agency committee to develop a communication and  technology plan for first responders responding to incidents along the Line 3 construction. The Committee was recognized for our work.

  • April 2022- Minnesota Department of Public Safety ECN-Northern Lights Task Force- Chair of Communications/Technology Subcommittee. A multi-agency committee to develop a communication and  technology plan for first responders responding to incidents along the Line 3 construction. I was recognized for my leadership as the sub-committee Chair at the Annual DPS ECN conference.


Highlights of accomplishments as Chief Deputy




  • 2020 -Created Jail training officer- Responsible for all Jail training and the Field Training of new Correction Officers.


  • 2020-Worked with Beltrami County Social Services to create the Jail Reset Coordinator:  provide services  while inmates are incarcerated in Jail and coordinate resources on the outside when they are released from jail. 


  • 2021 -Added 4 additional Corrections Officers positions: went from 36 Correction positions to 40 Correction Officer positions


  • 2021-Purchased and implemented SOTER Body Scanner (low radiation scanner): scans inmates when they are brought into the jail to detect contraband, weapons, drugs, etc. 


  • 2019 -Purchased and implemented Guardian RFID Software system: used to document/track Cell checks, inmate movement, and  logging activities.


  • 2021-Created Jail Taskforce to address Retention and Recruitment: 

Develop quarterly Retention pay, Double OT pay, and made plant changes. Sped up the hiring process and created a hiring campaign to attract more candidates. When we started the Jail Taskforce, we had 18 corrections officers. We improved our staff levels and currently have 32 Corrections Officers and  I am optimistic we will be full staffed by the end of 2022.


  • 2021-Changed Jail Medical provider to Advance Correction Healthcare: added 12 hours of weekly mental health services


  • 2021- Purchased and implemented Body Cameras for Correction Officers- Document interactions with inmates, improve transparency, and mitigate liability. 


  • 2021-Upgraded Avigilon Surveillance Camera system: Used to monitor and record activity in the jail


  • 2021-Upgraded Stanley Control software


Patrol/Field Operations


  • 2019-Implemented new Patrol Captain position and appointed a Captain: to provide direction/supervision for Patrol Sergeants and Patrol Deputies.


  • 2019-Created and hired Evidence Technician: Dedicated to process all physical evidence, manage all digital evidence, and manage the impound lot.


  • 2020-Wrote a grant and received funding for a dedicated DWI Officer:  Deputy to do traffic enforcement and detect and arrest impaired drivers


  • 2019- Purchased and implemented Body Camera for Road Deputies- Document Officer activities, increase transparency, and mitigate liability 


  • 2020-Created an Officer Wellness Program:  

  1.    Pay for cardiovascular testing because law enforcement officers have higher than average risk of having heart issues. 

2.      Implemented yearly Check Up from the Neck Up.

3.     With budget savings from 2021 we infused $60,000 into our Officer Wellness program. Which will allow us to expand our officer wellness program to assist Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office employees and families.


  • 2020-Helped created Strategic Plan for Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office- 5year outlook of BCSO future.



  • 2020- Converted Casual unbenefited Bailiff positions (20 hours a week) to Part-time benefited positions (30 hours a week) - to help recruit and retain Bailiff staff


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